• Bakfiets.nl Cargo Bike Long Compared to the Milano Cargo Bike Long

    Bakfiets.nl Cargo Bike Long Compared to the Milano Cargo Bike Long

    This is a comparison of the Urkai Specification bakfiets.nl cargo bike long with the Milano Cargo bike.  These are the only two brands of real Dutch cargo bikes or bakfiets in Canada – they are both manufactured in Holland. The quality is head and shoulders above the others making the Milano the best entry level model and the bakfiets.nl the best luxury model. The...
  • Onderwater Tandem

    Onderwater Tandem

    A great choice and safe way for your kids to participate in pedalling while you are in full control of their speed and safety.  An XL is $4499 and it includes the NuVinci 360 CVT (continuously variable transmission) giving lots of range and durability under the load of three people pedalling. Factual (investment perspective). 1. Cars are so expensive that the savings from reducing...
  • Brompton Limited Nickel Edition

    Brompton Limited Nickel Edition

    We are so pumped that we are lucky enough have our hands on some of the Brompton Nickel Edition in Canada as they were very hard due to a limited production run of 1500 available worldwide and each of them have a special stamp and number to prove it. First question, why use the high phosphorus Nickel plating usually reserved for deep sea drilling and...
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