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Axa Plug-in Chain Lock RLC 140 (Store Demo)
Store demo AXA RLC 140.  No packaging.  Minor scuffs on fabric sleeve. Safety • Complies with the Dutch ART 2 star approval • With one operation your bike is locked with 2 locks • Used in combination with safety frame...
$93.21 $60.00
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Azor Pick-up frame mounted front carrier
This unique, frame mounted front carrier allows you to carry a heavier load without making your front tire wobbly because the weight is transferred directly to the frame. The load area is 40 cm by 27 cm and the height...
Bicycle Shopping Dutch MyBasket
Shopping by bike made easy with our Dutch MyBasket: Quality you can trust: Made in Holland Easily slides on and off your bicycle handle bars 26 liter capacity and carries and amazing 9kg, that’s almost 20 lbs! Universal connection that’s compatible...
Basil Katharina Saddle Cover
Basil Katharina saddle cover  made of water-repellent material. Colour Option: Black with White Dots    
$19.99 $7.99
AXA Solid Plus Rear Wheel Lock with Plug-in
Axa Rear wheel lock for plug-in cables and chains. A great upgrade to the standard rear wheel lock without the plug-in option.  Check out the matching plug-in cable and chains.
Boeshield T-9 Lubricant
Boeshield T-9 is Space Age Technology for Bicycle Chains Solvent Base flushes out old lubricants. Penetrates deeply to thoroughly coat inner pins and rollers. Dries to a clean Paraffin Wax film so it will not pick up dirt. Lubricates and...
from $8.99
Sticky Reflectors
Description Sticky reflectors are a fun and colorful way of making your bike look awesome whilst providing extra safety. They are adhesive and easily attached to any frame, fork, fender or helmet. Blue, yellow, silver, green and red in stock (add to...
$14.99 $3.99
Basil Rosa Saddle Cover
Basil Rosa saddle cover  made of water-repellent material. Colour:  Red with white dots
$19.99 $7.99
Hebie Chainglider chaincase
The CHAINGLIDER has set a milestone in modern bike history with a visual and functional optimisation of clothing and gear protection.  The chainglider comes in two parts, one for the front and one for the back.  The chainglider front is...
from $29.99
Brooks B67s (Ladies)
The B67 and B67 S are the modern versions of B66 models, first featured in the 1927 catalogue. Classically sprung for supreme comfort, the B67 and B67 S feature single rails for attachment to modern micro-adjust seat pillars. MADE IN...
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Dual Bike Mirrors
 Best bike mirrors we have found at a great price. Bike mirror for Dutch bikes, electric bikes and hybrid bikes. Comes with a set of two (1-right, 1- left) attaches directly to the handlebar and they are easy to adjust. 

This is why we love what we do.

I just purchased my second bike from Urkai at 678 Guelph Line. My first bike (which I rode for several years) was stolen a couple of weeks ago. They were super helpful. They built my bike to specifications right away. Luckily everything was in stock so I got exactly the bike I wanted, with all the accessories I had accumulated for my other bike. It's surprising how accustomed you become to having these little bells and whistles. I rode my bike home and LOVED every second of the ride. And of course I got the usual "nice bike!" comments that I was used to getting when riding my first Urkai. Love my bike, love the service!sim.

Sandi Remedios

via our Google Reviews

I have made several smaller purchases through Urkai over the past few years and have been very safisfied with my purchases. I had the opportunity recently to purchase a new-to-me Azor Lux Transport from a local family who have purchased several bikes from Ukraine including the one they were selling. I wasn't sure about the bike and even though I wasn't purchasing a new bike from them the folks at Ukai gave me great feedback about the bike. Between their great service and the recommendations from this family I would definately continue to support Urkai. When I am looking to purchase a new bike I will certainly look to them first although I think I am set for a long time with my new Azor! Thanks Urkai!

Shannon Ableson Toronitz

via our Facebook Reviews

When you first delivered the bakfiets, you mentioned that our lives were going to change. To be honest, I thought you were being a bit dramatic, but you were right! We get extra smiles every day, with frequent shouts of “Nice bike!” and it’s amazing how many people will strike up a conversation because of the bike. Our kids continue to love it and it has expanded our range of “local” parks that we regularly visit. I’ve even transported some small-medium lumber in Home Depot runs. Bike parking spots are always right at the front door, and aside from our vacation road trips we barely even notice the price of gas. The ride is more comfortable than I expected too – so much so that now I find my hybrid bike quite uncomfortable (as in, maybe it’s only faster because it’s uncomfortable) and am starting to eye something more upright like the transport or opafiets… (while my wife just shakes her head at me  .

Scott Redmond, Montreal

via our In-Store Testimonials

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