Gazelle Ebike review on WIRED

WIRED has posted a review of the Gazelle Arroyo Elite C7.  The Gazelle Arroyo Elite C8  is the same bicycle with higher-end components.


Gazelle Arroyo C7 HMB Elite

Gazelle is based in the Netherlands, where electric bikes have been in the mainstream much longer than in the US, and the company has years of experience building beautiful ebikes that work well in varied environments. The Gazelle Class 1 ebike (CDN$4599.99) is the ultimate comfort cruiser with high-quality components that combine seven-speed Shimano Nexus gearing with a Bosch 500-watt-hour battery that travels up to 70 miles on a charge. The design is classic Dutch, with a sleek aluminum frame outfitted with practical accessories like a rear rack and front and rear lights. The bike has a step-through frame and positions the rider more upright than other Gazelle ebikes. The ride is made more comfortable by wide, stable, puncture-resistant tires, and suspension systems built into the seat post and fork. At 50.9 pounds, it’s one of the lightest we’ve found.

See the complete WIRED article here:

The Gazelle Arroyo Elite C8 is in stock.  Check it out here.

Gazelle Arroyo Elite C8

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