Introduction to the Brompton P-Line

Introducing the Brompton P-Line: The Ultimate Folding Bike

Brompton, known for their high-quality components, durability, and easy, compact folding, have raised the bar with their newest offering: the Brompton P-Line. This premium version of their standard folding bike features a number of upgrades and improvements that make it one of the best folding bikes on the market.

One of the most notable features of the P-Line is its titanium frame and forks, which are 700 grams lighter than their all-steel equivalent. This not only makes the bike more lightweight (1.55kg less than an equivalent steel model) but also just as strong, providing excellent control and handling performance. The titanium material also offers natural shock-absorption for a smooth ride on any road.

The P-Line has with a redesigned suspension block that maximizes efficiency and responsiveness by shifting your pedal power to improve control and handling performance. You can feel the difference.

The P-Line features an in-house designed superlight compact gearing system, fine-tuned for city riding. The 4-speed system with an all-new 60-gram derailleur is meticulously engineered to fit inside the narrow fold. It delivers a similar ratio to the 3-speed and 60% more than the 2-speed, making it perfect for city riding.

The P-Line comes with Brompton's lightest and sturdiest wheelset. The new rear hub is designed ground-up to accommodate the new compact 4-speed gear set. It's been tested on a purpose-made rig and fired with mud, water and sand for hundreds of hours, making it able to stand up to the abuse of the city. The wheelset is now fitted with hex key axles and a new hanger mount, so removing them for roadside repairs or maintenance is quick and easy.

The P-Line also comes with one of two high-quality saddles: the Brompton Superlight Saddle or the even lighter Fizik Aliante R7 saddle.  Both saddles are comfortable, lightweight and give the bike a contemporary look.

The P-Line is available in two unique colours, not found on any other Brompton models, Storm Grey Metallic or Midnight Black Metallic.  The all black components add even more urban style.  

As with all Bromptons, a front carrier block can be added, allowing the use of Brompton luggage. The P-Line also folds into the same compact package as other models and its light weight makes it even easier to take on public transit, load into a vehicle trunk, or carry up stairs.

The Brompton P-Line is a top-of-the-line folding bike that offers a unique combination of style, performance, and convenience. With its lightweight titanium rear frame and forks, redesigned suspension block, superlight compact gearing system, and sturdy wheelset, the P-Line is the perfect bike for city riding.

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