A small thank you to our COVID-19 health care heroes

We are fully booked for the 29th.


It seems strange now, that just a few months ago we would have never imagined such a fierce and deadly battle would be taking place in our communities across the globe. Instead of sending in the military, we have sent our health care workers to the front lines to wage a war against an invisible enemy. Our health care workers have made incredible personal sacrifices to save our parents, grandparents, extended family and friends.
Every day they bravely go to work, they risk their health, their family's health, and some have already given their lives for us. There is no other word to describe such individuals other than heroes.

We are just a small business, and we know we alone cannot give them the true recognition and support they deserve, but we thought perhaps we could make their commute or bike ride after their shift just a little bit better by giving a free tune-up. Yes, solving a squeaky chain, skipping gears or rubbing brakes won't save the world, but if it makes their commute that little bit better, a little more enjoyable than we owe it to them to do so. A small thank you for our heroes.

If you know a health care worker in the Burlington area who could use our help, please send this along to them as we have dedicated April 29th as our tune-up for heroes day.

Stay healthy,

Your friends @ Urkai

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