How do I pick the right size for me?

With all of the sport industry hype for “fitting a bike” you may believe you need a full team engineers and a racing crew to get the right bike.  Our Dutch bikes can easily be adjusted using both the seat height and the handlebars for comfort.

Here is our easy fitting guide:

Less than 4’9″ – 45 cm

4’9” – 5’4′ – 49 cm

5’5″ -  5’7″ – 53 cm

5’8″ – 6’0″ – 57 cm

6’1″ - 6’4″ - 61 cm

6’5″- 6’9″ – 65 cm

More than 6’10″+ 70 cm

Our and Milano cargo bikes are universal size with a very low step through – making them great for sharing.

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