Urkai Inc. was born in the summer of 2011 when Kendra Davidson and Andrew Bowen, proud parents of their then one and a half year son, Russell, were on an eight week adventure in Europe to rediscover their purpose in life. After Kendra had nearly died following the birth of their son, they began to revaluate their lives, and although they were both experiencing success in their chosen careers they wanted to dedicate themselves to something bigger then themselves and spend more quality time with their son that they desperately craved.

"Our lives instantaneously changed the moment we saw families descending into the parks in Amsterdam in their bakfiets (Original Dutch Cargo bike which was designed for kids) with their kids up front smiling.  We thought this was incredible, for the first time we saw a product that was actually designed for their children's enjoyment."

On top of that, the bakfiets were truly designed as a vehicle  - not just a bike - which will serve you for decades and can replace the use of your car. Beyond that, the craftsmanship was incredible as they are all still built - one at time - by craftspeople with a true passion for quality and they are all still made in Holland. It was then, that we realized that the bakfiets had not only the power to change the way you live but also the way you feel and the way your kids feel that we knew we needed to go against all odds and bring them to families in Canada.

This online store is really the little sister of our larger brand with www.urkai.com and our Dutch bikes and bakfiets. You will also notice that we only sell high quality products that are made in Europe.  Similar to our philosophy for our one-bike-for-life Dutch Bikes, we only sell products that are designed to last a long, long, long time. There are two reasons for that, one is that the manufacturing process - no matter how good - takes a lot of energy and resources from the environment, so you want to build them to last because we can't bear to sell disposable products that soon end up in the landfill, and secondly, we care how our products are made and most importantly, WHO makes them.

Please visit our full website - www.urkai.com - to learn more about us and explore how we can match you with a bike that you will love for life.


Urkai Inc. Testimonials


Wow - that was fast!  We received the panniers this afternoon and they do look great!

Scott Redmond, Montreal

Thank you again for delivering our Milano yesterday. We all love it, especially Cedar.

Mark & Cindy Rutley, Ottawa

I just wanted to let you know our bike arrived Thursday night and we love it! Thank you!

Phil Schneider, Winnipeg

Thank you for your patience and help, you truly have gone above and beyond!

Catherine Folnovic, Regina

It’s love at first sight!!! She loves it. She keeps saying how relaxing and comfortable the ride is. It’s a special experience that is worth every penny.

Elvis Ibrahimovic, Toronto

 I love the bike! It is exactly what I was looking for. I actually look forward to my commute now!

Todd Backman, Toronto

When you first delivered the bakfiets, you mentioned that our lives were going to change. To be honest, I thought you were being a bit dramatic, but you were right! We get extra smiles every day, with frequent shouts of “Nice bike!” and it’s amazing how many people will strike up a conversation because of the bike. Our kids continue to love it and it has expanded our range of “local” parks that we regularly visit. I’ve even transported some small-medium lumber in Home Depot runs. Bike parking spots are always right at the front door, and aside from our vacation road trips we barely even notice the price of gas. The ride is more comfortable than I expected too – so much so that now I find my hybrid bike quite uncomfortable (as in, maybe it’s only faster because it’s uncomfortable) and am starting to eye something more upright like the transport or opafiets… (while my wife just shakes her head at me :) .

Scott Redmond, Montreal

We LOVE our bike (bakfiets)!

Marcia Dixon, Toronto

Thanks so much for the info. Love, love, love the bike. was out today in the beautiful weather. Ran into someone else with an Oma that you also delivered yesterday. Many people asked me about the bike.

Gail Maloney, Toronto

On behalf of the acrobatic rigging design team and Cirque du Soleil, we would like to thank Andrew Bowen and the gang at Urkai, for the great support and partnership, by supplying us with a beautiful trike for our new Las Vegas production. Thanks again for all the help.

Pierre Masse, Acrobatic Equipment and Rigging Designer, Cirque du Soleil, Montreal


WHAT A GREAT FREAKIN' BIKE.  it is a delight … really loving how it rides and how powerful it is .. like riding a Percheron! (i'm into horses). 

Jagg  Carr-Locke, Toronto

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