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Xootr Cross Rack Bag
Xootr Cross Rack Bag
Xootr Cross Rack Bag

Xootr Cross Rack Bag


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While originally intended for small wheeled bicycles, the CrossRack system works quite well on Xootr scooters as well. The CrossRack allows you to mount a standard bicycle bag or almost any other bag to your Xootr scooter. Great for carrying your laptop, tablet, or paperwork to the office or your groceries home from the store. The CrossRack mounts to the handlebar and will not impede the folding of the scooter.

•Detaches in 5 seconds via locking pin
•Rack “horns”can hang many standard bags, including plastic shopping bags
•Fits post diameters from 1.0 – 1.4 inches (25 – 35 mm)
•Load limit: 25 lbs

The Xootr CrossRack cargo bag is designed especially for the CrossRack bike rack system. Standard “pannier mount” works with most standard bike racks, too. Carries your gear, groceries, or work bag securely and protected from the weather. Works equally well on front and rear.

•Designed to securely hold one grocery bag or equivalent.
•Works great to protect backpack or soft-sided briefcase for commuting.
•Draw-string inner closure with waterproof cover flap.
•Hand and shoulder straps for use off the bicycle.
•Loops for mounting LED flashers.
•Cinch belt around midsection for securing cargo.
•Inside compartment can hold keys, wallet, shopping list etc.
•Reflective material on all sides for great visibility.
•1600 cubic inches (26 liter) maximum storage capacity


Fits all Xootr models.



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