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Order your custom Brompton though us!
Order your custom Brompton though us!

Order your custom Brompton though us!


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Special Offer!  Get a $150 gift card with every custom order Brompton.  

Offer available for a limited time.

The gift card can be used to purchase any additional products or services, in-store or online with no expiry date.  You can even give that card as a gift to your family or friends (and no one will know but us).


Want a bike that is completely customized for you?  Brompton builds each bike to order, so you can choose your dream Brompton.  There are over 2 million possible combinations!  Go to Brompton's website and use the Brompton Bike Builder to select exactly what you want.  Make sure the region selected (top right corner) is Canada so you can see the actual price of your bike.  The Bike Builder will guide you through the selection process and give you information about the benefits of each option.

When you have completed your build, click on "Save build and Find a Store".  You will be prompted to create an account with Brompton.  This allows Brompton to store the details of your build and give it a unique reference number.  You will receive an email from Brompton with the details of you build and the unique reference number.  You can also view your build on Brompton's website and see the reference number there as well.  You can store multiple builds if you want to choose different options and decide which one you prefer and you can edit your build as well. 

When you are happy with your build and are ready to order, click Add To Cart on this page.  Click on View Cart.  There is a Note box underneath the subtotal:  Copy your build's reference number and paste it into this box.  That will allow us to order your unique build from Brompton.  We require a $300 deposit to place your order. 

Your bike will be built to your exact specifications and should arrive at our store in 6-8 weeks.  We will inspect your bike, making sure it matches your build and prepare it for you.  We will contact you when your bike is ready to go.  You can pick it up in our store or we can ship anywhere in Canada.  The cost of your bike, less the deposit, can be paid when you pick up or before we ship.

We personally deliver your bike fully built and ready to ride in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Toronto & GTA. We box ship 95% built everywhere else.

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