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AXA Plug In Cable RLD180

AXA Plug In Cable RLD180


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The AXA RLD180 Plug In Cable is used in combination with the frame locks AXA Fusion, Defender, Solid Plus and Victory.

The RLD180 offers an extra barrier against bike theft because your bike is locked to a fixed object such as a street light or fence.

The total length of 180 cm makes it easy to fix your bike to an object for, even if this object is not close to your bike. The extra thick cable of 12 mm offers a firm fixation.

• Safety level 15
• With one operation your bike is locked with 2 locks
• Used in combination with safety frame locks AXA Fusion, Defender or Solid Plus

• Extra moving space because of total length of 180 cm
• Firm plastic cable cover

• Length 180 cm
• Diameter cable 12 mm
• Diameter plug in pin 10 mm

We personally deliver your bike fully built and ready to ride in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Toronto & GTA. We box ship 95% built everywhere else.

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